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"El Burrión" Guasave Industrial Park

The industrial park Guasave “El Burrión” comprises an área of 132 hectares, of which 22 hectares of the first-phase of the project are available, from these the 17.5% has been developed according to the first of a three phase plan and has a fast- track road network that connects to each of the 42 industrial plots, distributed as follow:

  • One plot for management, with commercial and services use
  • 7 plots for small and micro industry
  • 18 plots for medium industry
  • And 15 plots for heavy industry

The plots are grouped into two blocks with paved streets and park areas comprising 3.4% of the surface area and contributing to the urban image and ecological preservation. The Industrial Park Guasave is geared towards general non-pollutive industry with low-water conssumption, will act as an instrument for promoting and will act as an instrument to promote the industralization of Guasave and the state of Sinaloa, as well as and alternative for industrial localization. This industrial park represents various side benefits because they have a high added value because they were built as places for industrial activities, and are located in private áreas with access to the most important communication and transportation, roads in the northwest part of Mexico and have urban services like electricity, water system, and data and voice transfer.

The Industrial Park Guasave “El Burrión” is located in the municipality of Guasave, Sinaloa. Its Project collects the most advanced concepts of industrial urban planning and it’s located in the strech from km 139 to 145 of the Federal High Way number 15, in the strech Culiacán-Los Mochis.Inmobiliaria Nieblas is currently building urban infrastructure for industry-like business such as fullfilment centers, assembly lines or assembly plans. The industrial Park Guasave “El burrión” has an industrial warehouse, property of Inmobliaria Nieblas, ready for rent, with the following feautures::

Areas Surface in M² Surface in sq ft²
Industrial Plot 6,602.50 71,042.90
Industrial warehouse 3,420 36,799.20
Offices 132.61 1,426.88
Parking and maneuver courtyard 1,263.90 13,599.56
Service Area 3,775.09 40,610.97

"El Burrión" Guasave Industrial Park

Represents an integral solution to the problem of industrial arrangement, it has all of the public services needed for and outstanding performance.

It has these services and equipment:

  • Perimeter fence of the ground-based and mesh smithy surge.
  • Four piers for loading and unloading.
  • Substation according to the company installed.
  • Outside lighthing on the perimeter of the warehouse.
  • Electricity.
  • Running water.
  • Telephone and data.
  • Sanitary system connected to a treatment plant.

It also has the following features::

  • Private zones located inside the industrial park
  • Access control with private security
  • Wide interiors with a minimun height of 7.5 mts
  • Wide maneuver courtyards
  • Loading docks
  • Wide offices área with parking lot
  • Surface entry on the inside
  • Urbanizated zones with paved access
  • Industrial Electricity with an 150 KVA electrical substation
  • High base lighthing
  • And many more benefits


Nave Uno

Still under construction
Belonging Industrial Park
Parque industrial el burrión.
Carretera México 15 Km 139.
Available for Rent.
3,421 M²